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Creating columns is one of the first steps to get started on Apollo, since they will build the headers for your grid

id: key

acessor: Created in a .ts file, it will define the interface of each column

width: The width for each column can be provided as long as it doesn't surprass 100%. If no width ir provided, or if it's provided only for some of the columns, Apollo will calculate the remaining and distribute it equally


const columns: Column[] = useMemo(
  () => [
      id: 'order',
      title: '',
      accessor: 'order',
      readOnly: true,
      tooltip: 'Add new row',
      width: '3%',
      id: 'client',
      title: 'Client',
      accessor: 'client',
      tooltip: "Client's list",
      width: '30%',
      maxLength: 50,
      editorProps: {
        className: classes.cellEditor,